Nana Akomfohene Korantemaa Ayeboafo

Nana Korantemaa Ayeboafo is senior Akan shaman and senior female drummer of Philadelphia. She spearheads the activities of the Asona Aberade Shrine, the third oldest Akan Shrine in North America and instructs the protocol of African sovereigns. Nana trains priests, drummers and dancers the sacred aspects of Akan culture. Well, known for her congeniality, enlightened spirit and wisdom, Nana has traveled to many continents. She is the spiritual advisor to the African Sisterhood of Philadelphia and a member of the oldest Sisterhood in the Americas, the Irmandade Da Boa Morte of Bahia, Brazil.

Nana began her professional career in 1969, as a performing artist of the culture from the African Diaspora. She has performed in some of the most distinguished theatres, concert halls, universities, schools and museums throughout the United States. Nana teaches African culture to children and adults through a global community art initiative called StarSpirit. Topics include dance, drumming, arts and crafts, theatre games, African spirituality and how to live without fear. Nana is a skilled vocal percussionist. She blends her voice with sekere, bells, marimbas and drums. In 1975, she formed the first Female Percussion Ensemble in Philadelphia and has inspired many other performing artists through her hard work and tenacity.

Nana first traveled to Africa in 1974. She met Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea, high priest of the Akonnedi Shrine, one of the oldest mystery schools of spiritual and psychic healing in Ghana. In 1976, as an initiate, she returned to the Akonnedi Shrine, to study and develop her ability to see the world through the eyes of Spirit. For seven years, she lived at the Shrine, learning the language, traditions and protocol of the indigenous people. She was ordained a graduate shaman, continuing her tutelage with Nana Okomfohene Akua Oparebea, Mother of the Akan Spiritual Culture in America, for twenty-one years. 

Regarding her human experience, Nana remarks, “I am grateful to be alive, a woman of oneness with Divine Spirit and blessed to serve with others who are raising the consciousness and value of human life for all people all over the world.”

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