Akwaaba (welcome) and thank you for
making the StarSpirit Connection. 
Here we encourage you to Be Your Higher Self!

Greetings Lightbeamers and visitors;

Come savor a true internet experience as you explore our website.  Designed to support your transformation into the internal realms of Being with color and positive imagery. Reminding you that you are sacred and a vital part of this human experience on our planet, Mother Earth.

This is truly a glorious time to be alive. As we experience this Age of Divine Intervention and the Sacred Healing of Mother Earth, I invite you to bear witness to the rising of the feminine energy. Raising your Spirit to unite with higher consciousness and the World of  Eternal bliss. Feel yourself moving into the realms of  freedom where Eternal Unconditional Love resides. True abundance and the infinite potentiality of splendid health, success and love more perfect than anything you can imagine awaits you. Beloved, now there is no turning back to your fears and inhibitions. You must release the shackles of past guilt, pain and suffering, in order to soar like the Eagle to the height of Perfection which was intended for you in the beginning.

I AM Nana Okomfo Korantemaa Ayeboafo, an Elder Mother, Medicine Women and member of the Council of Light, being used at this time to remind you of the Oneness of all Creation. And to support you in accepting your perfection and ability to create the splendor and personal satisfaction you seek. This new millennium holds the reality of true perfection. GOD, Spirits and humans the co-creators of a more perfect world. What a wonderful Life this should be for each and everyone. Believe, love and do your part as we journey in alignment with the prophecies, the Ancestors and the Higher Spirits of the subtle realms.

BiakoYe, our Unity Newsletter represents the consciousness of our oneness with Mother Earth. It is produced by StarSpirit and the indigenous people who realize that in order to access true liberation, nations must learn to share accurately; wealth, ideas, resources and experiences. As you click through these pages, please accept the invitation to share in whatever way you can. Remember, you can help  reduce pain and suffering on planet Earth by joining the people¬ís initiative to eliminate ignorance and poverty in our Time!

                   We are One People, One Nation, One World!

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