STARSPIRIT is the ultimate experience of self renewal and empowerment. A healing initiative which combines art and common sense culture to provide a practical approach to improving one’s quality of life. We are light beamers who dare to radiate divine light, zooming over star systems into the field of infinite potentiality to Be our Higher Self! StarSpirit supports your process to self mastery. We provide the resources for self discovery, self improvement and self empowerment. We know that when spirits are honored, they restore, enrich and protect.


StarSpirit uses a diversified approach to health and education by choosing talented, professional, therapeutic instructors and practitioners who promote healing and harmony. This approach has been proven effective for individuals and groups. It is also useful to corporations that offer stress relief mechanisms for their employees. Creating an environment that increases productivity and profitability.

In 1993, StarSpirit was called forth by  Nana Okomfo Korantemaa Ayeboafo. She together with David Bey, developed the StarSpirit line of products and services. StarSpirit is the trademark of the Asona Aberade Shrine and all contributions are tax deductible.

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